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Why Secuvant?

With a heightened awareness driving business security decisions, choosing the ideal partner is essential.

The Secuvant Way

Four key areas that differentiate us from the rest

Our Cyber7 Methodology


Cyber Risk as a Business Risk

Vendor Independence Program

Complete Risk Management

The Cyber7™ Methodology

Secuvant’s Cyber7™ identifies seven areas of risk all businesses face – to which all cybersecurity findings, gaps, and controls can be applied.

The Secuvant™ cyberGRA™ process includes prioritizing these areas of the business, discovering the gaps and risks both quantitatively and qualitatively, then we create a cybersecurity strategy that prioritizes the most important needs and implements controls to protect against those risks to the business – and do it all while working to lower costs and increase revenues.

Vendor Independence

Secuvant does not sell or take referral fees for any hardware, software, or vendor products. This is unique in the cybersecurity industry since most companies directly sell or resell products. Secuvant™ clients can be assured that we’ll provide them the best recommendations, even free or low-cost options if it meets the needs of the business and lowers risks and costs.

Managing Cyber Risk as Business Risk

In most cases, small and mid-sized businesses assign cybersecurity to a technical IT professional. IT pros may solve your technical security issues, but they may not benefit your business. Cyber risk is generally overlooked, even though a breach could directly impact the entire business.

Secuvant’s services and methodologies ensure that cybersecurity risk is managed by the business, as an enabler, not a cost center, and thus decreases overall business risks and even enables revenue opportunities.

Complete Risk Program Management

Some compliance and governance requirements mandate that a company perform third-party risk assessments producing a report detailing security gaps and issues that need addressing. Companies may also perform penetration and vulnerability testing to find technical holes. However, the sad truth is, once those assessment reports are delivered they sit on a shelf, box checked, and task completed.

Cybersecurity is a program, not a one-time project, and needs to be managed continually. Secuvant’s Cyber Risk Management Program provides ongoing leadership, technical support, and our unique cyberRPM™ web application designed to manage cyber risks over time, increase maturity, and actually fix those gaps and risks found in the assessment – this strategy is actually benefitting and protecting your company instead of just sitting on a shelf.

Secuvant’s risk program provides access to vCISO and technical resources to implement a comprehensive security strategy over time to add value to those assessments.