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The Importance of Protecting IoT Devices Within the Northeast’s AG Industry

Regardless of the business’s size or area of engagement, technological innovation within the northeast’s agriculture industry has improved productivity, efficiency, and communications. 

The collection, analysis, and storage of data have allowed organizations to refine their processes, increase efficiency, and comply with regulations as they evolve and grow. These advancements come at a cost, however. 

With more complicated devices and sensitive data on an organization’s network comes more attention from cybercriminals who want to use these resources to extort, disrupt, and attack an organization. 

Cybercriminals commonly attempt to do so through ransomware attacks to leverage data and the functionality of systems against the company for financial gain. 

The direct costs of paying ransoms and restoring systems are not the only costs AG organizations face when sustaining ransomware attacks, however. What can be more costly are indirect losses. As dealers, once the knowledge of compromised information is known in the marketplace, customers tend to shift their business elsewhere, and the dealers’ brand name suffers long term. These indirect costs typically affect AG organizations disproportionately compared with other industries.

Large AG manufacturers and dealers are typically better equipped and have more resources to prepare, monitor an attack, and recover easier. However, they are truly only as prepared as the capabilities and strength in business understanding they have in place with their cybersecurity partner. Smaller manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers typically have fewer resources available for cybersecurity. Still, the results of an intrusion are far more devastating because it can lead to the business’s complete closure. For situations like this, smaller companies must at least have a cybersecurity monitoring system in place. 

In the end, regardless of an organization’s size, we encourage the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association’s (NEDA) more than 450 agricultural, industrial, rental and outdoor power equipment members to have the proper measures in place to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks. To do just this, it is vital to look for a vendor that can protect an organization’s cybersecurity through and through. Secuvant™ is an endorsed vendor of NEDA. The company has developed a dedicated channel focusing on the AG industry, which has put the company in a unique spot to assist AG organizations throughout the northeast with precisely that. This channel is mentored by Secuvant’s Board of Directors member Jim Walker, the former Executive Vice President and leader of Case IH North America. Large or small, the organization can personalize offerings based on business and budget requirements to find specific solutions that work for an organization. When it comes to cybersecurity, being proactive is critical. 

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