What is SOC-As-A-Service and How Does Secuvant Differentiate It’s Service Offering

Jul 22, 2019

What is SOC-As-A-Service and How Does Secuvant Differentiate It’s Service Offering Image

The need for cybersecurity and risk management solutions at organizations has grown exponentially over the years, as security incidents and data breaches continue to occur across industries. Managing cyber risk and protecting an organization’s information has become a collaborative effort between executive teams, IT teams, and third-party providers.


A recent study has shown that executives are now considering cybersecurity as a top priority for risk management, because they consider a cyber incident as a business disruption with the greatest potential to impact their business operations. Because of this, managing cyber risk and protecting an organization’s information has become a collaborative effort between executive teams, IT teams, and third-party providers.


More and more organizations are turning to security operations centers (SOCs) to help protect their assets and mitigate risks. But, some organizations don’t have the resources to hire a full SOC team in-house. For organizations who need to begin managing their cyber risk and securing their data, but don’t have the resources to create their own security team in house, they can benefit greatly from SOC-As-A-Service.

What are SOC Services?

As discussed above, SOC stands for “Security Operations Center.” An SOC is a team or facility dedicated to monitoring, assessing, and defending an organization’s information systems such as websites, applications, databases, data centers and servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints.


SOC teams are made up of security engineers, architects, and analysts who are experts in cybersecurity and understand the latest trends in hacking and malware attacks. Some of their key duties include performing cost-benefit analyses of various security operation models, aligning SOC goals with business objectives, and identifying business assets and critical security functions.


But developing an in-house SOC team is expensive and time-intensive. Large enterprises may have the ability to do this, but how can other businesses find a cost-effective solution to cybersecurity? The answer is SOC-As-A-Service.


SOC-As-A-Service is outsourcing the security operations center that a managed security services provider (MSSP) offers, to organizations who lack the resources to improve their security posture and provide enhanced visibility of their cyber risk. By using managed SOC services, organizations can maintain the cybersecurity of their business without spending the time and money creating and hiring an in-house SOC team.


One worry an organization may have when considering outsourcing their SOC services, is the loss of control. However, there are options for managed SOC services that allow companies to maintain control over their security operations. Managed Detection Response (MDR) services like the one from Secuvant, can offer SOC-As-A-Service in multiple ways such as fully managed, co-managed, or custom built to an organization’s needs and business environment. This way, an organization can utilize the help of cybersecurity experts without worrying about their operations being completely taken over.




What Makes Secuvant’s Managed SOC Services Unique?

Secuvant has become an industry leader in offering SOC-As-A-Service based on our Secuvant Cyber7™ approach, which maps an organization’s needs to their cybersecurity gaps and risks. Secuvant’s SOC-As-A-Service encompasses three overarching components: People, Process, and Technology.


People: Secuvant offers a four-tiered SOC team comprised of network/cyber architectural engineers and certified risk professionals focused on managed detection and response (MDR). The SOC team will analyze the network environment and technologies to properly place and configure network threat sensors, log collectors, and scanners. We provide cyber analysts dedicated to understanding the alerts they are receiving, threat hunting, and distinguishing between false positives and real threats. Moreover, Secuvant SOC Analysts can advise IT personnel on topics ranging from threats, malware, quarantining, detection and removal, to isolation and segmentation.


Process: Instead of just managing an organization’s cybersecurity, Secuvant truly acts as a partner. Every step of Secuvant’s process ensures that the goals and needs of an organization are put first, working together to create solutions. This process includes:

  • High touch model working with clients and not just throwing alerts over to clients
  • Risk management and advisory escalation to vCISO leadership
  • Risk Management software to prioritize risks and help with strategy
  • Custom use cases to hunt for threats
  • Alerting and reporting
  • Alarms and escalation
  • Defined use cases
  • Automated ticketing
  • Crisis management planning
  • Incident breach response
  • Reporting and dashboards

Technology: As cyber threats continue to grow and change, Secuvant provides its clients with state-of-the-art technologies. This ensures that an organization’s cybersecurity tools and processes are up-to-date and able to handle the latest forms of threats and attacks. These technologies include:

  • SIEM: Security Information and Event Manager where logs and events are stored and used to search for cyber threats. Alerts and AI are involved in good products to provide a degree of automated protection.
  • Intrusion Detection or Threat Detection: Detects and inspects an organization’s infrastructure for cyber threats.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: The management and execution of both internal and external scanning, alerting according to priority, and reporting.
  • Collectors and Sensors: To analyze logs that need to be captured. Similarly, a data stream can be captured with a sensor or SPAN port.
  • Network Threat Analytics: Real-time threat detection and full packet capture with Machine Learning to address events and risks.
  • SOC Orchestration: Centralized event and alert management.
  • Technology Investment protection: Secuvant is independent from any vendor, working with other security tools already purchased by clients to gain as much visibility as possible. We don’t replace technology already purchased and working effectively and efficiently.

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Choosing a Provider for SOC Services

With today’s data breach environment, SOC-As-A-Service can provide a cost-effective solution to detecting, responding, and protecting your organization’s assets from a potential cyber incident. If you are considering outsourcing your SOC services, it’s important to find a provider or MSSP that understands your needs and business environment, offering cybersecurity controls and threat intelligence suited for your business.


Secuvant understands that your business should drive the type of cyber security precautions you take. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and that’s why we work hand in hand with clients to understand the goals and needs of their specific business. If you have any questions about SOC-As-A-Service or other cybersecurity services, contact us today to see how we can help your business by managing security and protecting it from cyber risk.