Gap & Risk Assessment

Secuvant identifies the areas of vulnerabilities and cyber risk in your organization to strengthen your cybersecurity and help protect you from cyber threats

Business Enabled Analysis

Secuvant’s trademarked Cyber7™ methodology is the foundation of our assessment. First, we set up your on-site Executive workshop to align your business needs and then we discover your cyber security gaps and risks using multiple tools. Next, we run our vulnerability scanning, configuration scanning, and data discovery scans to assess the technical aspects of your environment.
We understand that for busy organizations, work can’t come to a halt when you need assessments. Our scanning services can be performed remotely, across multiple platforms and multiple locations. The process is non-intrusive and can be performed during normal maintenance windows and processes.

Our 6 Step Process

1. Cyber7™ Executive Workshop

As with any critical process, our first step is understanding your situation, company, people, goals, objectives, and priorities. To do this, we host an Executive Workshop where your executive leadership team will meet with Secuvant’s expert consultants. Making sure your business goals and corporate mission align to cybersecurity programs using the unique Cyber7™ planning process.

2. Technical Assessment Workshop

Moving on to the next phase, your technical and IT team will need to be accessible, and will provide the bulk of the information required to assess technical gaps and risks. This ISO 27001 based workshop assesses 14 areas of security in a broad-based assessment resulting in a baseline from which we create your security strategy matrix.

3. Scanning and Discovery

Our assessment process includes a series of vulnerability scans. These scans can identify risks on a granular level and provide us with the necessary information to develop your cybersecurity strategy including vulnerabilities, misconfiguration of servers and vulnerable sensitive data you may not even know existed.


4. Maturity Model Score

A baseline is established of where your organization stands with regard to security today. This allows the Secuvant team to create a security strategy leveraging current investments in controls and time to best optimize the balance of costs and risks.

5. Findings and Recommendations

Each deliverable includes a description of findings including recommendations on how to fix these issues. It will focus on your top 10 risks and prioritize findings by cost, effort, impact and probability of risk.

6. Security Strategy

An assessment has no value unless it gives you actionable steps to take to remediate issues. Secuvant provides you with a security strategy you can execute on the next day, including free or low-cost controls. Since Secuvant is an independent firm we will only recommend controls you need, not the ones we sell.

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