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Offering data security, data privacy mapping, a compliance SaaS platform as well as advice on legal implications in regards to privacy laws.

Secuvant has successfully helped several multi-million-dollar entities work through the privacy maze.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and groundbreaking state privacy legislation from California known as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has sent shockwaves through companies all over the US. Why? Because the fines and operational implications can be monumental for many businesses. Secuvant has successfully helped several multi-million-dollar entities work through the privacy maze.
Here are some facts:

· GDPR is not just about the EU. If you’re a company that provides infrastructure or services, or even touch the networks of companies that do business in the EU, you could be liable. Such companies will want to know how you are protecting their data and their resources.
· CCPA may only apply if your annual gross revenue is >$25 million, but what happens if you’re a small SaaS or other IT services provider, and a data breach affects your client, and that client is a large company doing business in California? You could be liable. They will want to know how you are protecting their assets.
· Did you know that more states are drafting, passing and enforcing privacy legislation? How can you possibly keep up with different privacy laws and their implications to your company? Ignorance is not indemnification!

Secuvant’s Data Privacy & Security Services

Secuvant combines two critical elements in the privacy space:

1. Data Security

2. Legal Implications (through partnership with a major law firm)


A Secuvant Privacy Engagement will answer the following questions:

· Map your privacy data (Privacy Data Mapping)

o What is it?

o Where is it? (determined through interviews and sensitive data scanning technology)

o What groups/departments in your company touch, store, or process it?

o What Security controls and recommendations need to be in place?

o Are we adequately protecting privacy data today?

o What are the legal implications? (Through partnership with a renowned law firm)

o What privacy and consent policies do I need?

o What are the legal implications of various privacy laws to my organization?

o How can I stay up on all of the privacy laws on an ongoing basis?


Compliance SaaS

o Secuvant will provide a highly-rated Privacy Compliance Platform.

o Always updated with all US Privacy Laws and GDPR!

o Allows you to have the policy and consent forms you need.

o Includes legal counsel with a highly esteemed privacy law firm.

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