Cyber Risk Management with Secuvant™ Cyber7™

Mapping Business Goals and Objectives to Cyber Security Protection and Programs.

Cyber Security: You’re Doing it Wrong

Most companies wanting to address their cyber security situation, start with a focus on operational and tactical security controls. They purchase technology and tools along with a promise of successful risk reduction from their favorite vendor. Thus, many companies are unfortunately placing their company’s cyber security and protection in the hands of a solution vendor.

Secuvant’s advice is this: the best place to start addressing your cyber security is not with a tool, but with a cyber security strategy which incorporates your company structure, your company mission, and your company goals.

Please, read on to learn how Secuvant™ can assist you with your company’s cyber security needs. . .

Secuvant’s Cyber Risk Services

At Secuvant™, we have a step-by-step process for assessing cyber risk and implementing strategies to eliminate it with our cyber risk services and exclusive Secuvant™ Cyber7™ method.

The first step in developing a proactive security posture for your organization is: Perform an Executive Board Cyber Workshop. In this workshop, Secuvant™ meets with your executive team to learn about your company.

The results of the workshop provide us with an invaluable understanding of how we should align our services with your company, it’s goals, and it’s operations.

We know every business is different and has different security needs as well as different types of data to protect.

The second step: Conduct a comprehensive Security Gap and Risk Assessment.

This assessment gives you key insights into the overall resilience of your IT Infrastructure, who has access, and its ability to protect your sensitive data. From there, we’ll help you make a comprehensive risk management plan using our unique cyberRPM™ software and process, this improves your organizational vigilance and positions you for growth in a way that is responsible and secure.

All Cybersecurity Planning and Goals need to be driven by business objectives. After all, Cyber Risk is Business Risk™.

A cyber breach will impact a company in many ways from Human Resources to Sales and Finance.

In addition, business objectives need to be prioritized in order to address them in the most efficient ways possible.

The Secuvant™ Cyber7™ method helps businesses prioritize business objectives so their security strategy aligns with these goals.

7 Key Areas of Secuvant's Cyber Risk Management


Business Enablement
The use of leveraging risk management and cybersecurity investment in order to protect existing revenue and capture new revenue.

Brand & Reputation
Damage to public image or brand, negative press coverage, decreased corporate value, drop in product consumption, negated public trust.

Data & Intellectual Property
Stolen or lost sensitive data, external dark web exposure, exfiltrated company secrets, lost IP from R&D Investment over the years.

Legal Liability
Risk from being sued, civil or government litigation, lack of due diligence, cyber liability insurance, risk assignment, and use of risk acceptance.

Compliance & Governance
Internally or externally mandated government regulation such as PCI, PII, PHI, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, NYCRR, etc.

Business Disruption
Threat of an impact on availability of up time, income revenue, production or development, and/or public consumption.

Cost of Breach & Remediation
Reduce Costs: The economic impact to an organization or business due to an unexpected cyber breach or incident, a natural disaster, or technical disruption can be devastating. Reduce your risk and reduce the huge costs of remediation.


Secuvant's Cyber7™ Chart

The Secuvant™ Cyber7™ Difference

Too many information security consultants fail to realize how a company’s business goals and cyber security are interconnected.

We believe, in order to justify the investment, security must support the processes that drive your business.

At Secuvant, each technology risk assessment is done by taking the time to understand the nature of your organization, what your priorities are, and where the risk lies in a broader sense. This provides you the best cyber risk strategy possible.

We ensure that any recommendations we make are firmly grounded in the big picture, rather than the insular world of cyber security. Basically, we make cyber risk management simple and efficient.

Explore Our Services

Executive Cyber Workshop

Secuvant’s first step to creating a cyber security plan is understanding your company, goals, and operations. Every business has different security needs and different types of data to protect. Secuvant will meet with your executive team to align our goals before starting any assessments or strategies.

Learn More About Our Executive Workshop →

GAP/Risk Assessment

Cyber risk is business risk™ is not just a sales pitch, it’s our core methodology. The gap and risk assessment is the first critical step in this process. It looks at both the technology you have in place and your internal processes. Your company is first aligned with seven critical business risks, then all gaps and findings are mapped to those risks based on quantitative data we gather from you. The result is a security strategy you can execute on with real, tactical steps and recommendations.

Learn More About Gap & Risk Assessment →

Cyber Program Creation

Once you have your assessment, you need to take action. Secuvant’s Risk Program Management platform provides leadership, guidance, tracking, and prioritization of identified gaps and risks that you can execute on with our help. All of this is managed with the Secuvant cyberRPM web application to help with overall compliance and governance to reduce costs and risks.

Learn More About Cyber Risk Management →

Managed Detection Response (MDR)

Secuvant’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) program is designed to protect clients from attacks 24/7. We act as an extension to your team to discover, prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Our services are delivered in a wide range of options to provide a customized, high-touch program to address your unique business needs and issues.

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Incident Breach Response

The cost of stolen data, compromised systems, and reputational damage are escalating. A cybersecurity incident response plan is your first line of defense. Secuvant professionals can help create a plan for your business that aligns with your goals and needs, and if a breach occurs Secuvant can provide a complete response team, technology, and containment to protect your business and get you back up and operational.

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