Secuvant Participates in 24Nine’s Cyber24 Podcast Series

Jul Tue, 2018

Secuvant Participates in 24Nine’s Cyber24 Podcast Series Image

Cyber Security Podcast Series

24NINE, a consulting company based in Utah, created and produced the podcast series CYBER24 with the vision of connecting subject matter experts to share valuable insights regarding the cyber security landscape. In the past six months, Secuvant along with other presenting sponsors such as the Utah Department of Technology Services, the Utah Department of Public Safety, and the State of Utah’s Office of the Attorney General participated in the podcast series discussing numerous topics on cyber risk and security.


CYBER24 was created to bridge the knowledge gap between cybersecurity experts, business leaders, and policymakers. As data breaches continue to increase and hackers become smarter at developing unique techniques to target organizations, it’s important businesses have a cyber security program in place to manage their cyber risk.


As we say at Secuvant, Cyber Risk is Business Risk™, and it is now the responsibility of the executive leadership as well as the IT team to manage this risk. The depth of business disruption that cyber threats and security incidents can create can attack the heart of your mission-critical operations. Cyber security has never been more important in an organization. Here are some statistics that illustrate the continued evolution of the data breach landscape:



The CYBER24 Podcast

The CYBER24 podcast series includes 24 episodes that discuss different aspects of cyber security including best practices and steps for instilling a cyber security program, recent data breaches, legal and tax concerns that can result from a breach, an organization’s vulnerabilities, and more. The podcast series had sponsors that supported these cyber security topics and who brought insight on risk management, information technology, and information security: EideBailly, VLCM, and Hays Companies.


Secuvant’s CISO, Matt Sorensen, joined Utah business experts and leaders to speak on topics and provide valuable insights to the public regarding cyber security. Matt has over 17 years of experience as an information security professional, and six years of experience as a licensed attorney, specializing in the areas of risk management, data security and privacy program development, information security and privacy risk, gap, and compliance assessments, employee awareness for Information security and privacy.


“When boards and executives understand the business risks of cybersecurity they are more likely to invest in security to enable and protect their companies. When IT leaders know what is happening on their networks and in their systems they are much less likely to fall victim to routine compromises and data breaches”, stated Matt.


CYBER24 Podcast Episodes

To listen to the podcast series visit Cyber24’s website or click one of the episode links below:

· Episode 1: Simple Steps to Online Safety
· Episode 2: Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business
· Episode 3: Internet of Things
· Episode 4: Business Email Compromise – Wolf in sheep’s clothing
· Episode 5: Keeping Utah elections secure
· Episode 6: Investigating cybercrime and nabbing the Nigerian prince scammer
· Episode 7: State cyber team closes vulnerability found by Utah man
· Episode 8: Cyber insurance gaining popularity as hacks increase
· Episode 9: Creating unbreakable passwords
· Episode 10: Victim of a data breach? Don’t become an accomplice to the crime
· Episode 11: VLCM panel discussion Part 1
· Episode 12: VLCM Panel Discussion Part 2
· Episode 13: Virginia Gov. McAuliffe leads states efforts to meet the threat of cyber attacks
· Episode 14: Cyber attacks may have big legal ramifications for unprepared businesses
· Episode 15: Protecting your credit after a cyber breach
· Episode 16: Protecting your data during international travel
· Episode 17: Tips to thwart tax fraud and looking out for skimmers
· Episode 18: Digital Forensics
· Episode 19: Dangers of the Dark Web
· Episode 20: Price tag to protect your health data growing as hackers target your medical records
· Episode 23: Critical Security Controls: First steps for business cybersecurity
· Episode 24: Ransomware Cripples Atlanta


About Secuvant

Secuvant is an independent IT Security firm providing enterprise-grade IT security services to mid-market organizations. Secuvant assists clients in identifying and understanding security vulnerabilities and then correlates the potential exploitation of these vulnerabilities to an organization’s business goals and objectives. We map the Secuvant-7 Business Risks to your gaps and vulnerabilities. The result is increased visibility into a company’s security threat landscape, and a deliberate approach to mitigating the most impactful IT risks to the business.


About 24NINE

The name 24NINE refers to 24,900 feet, the altitude at which the first commercial airline flight utilized the jet stream. In 1952, Pan Am flew from Tokyo to Honolulu using the natural force, cutting the trip time by over one-third, saving significant fuel in the process. Likewise, at 24NINE, we help you harness existing, untapped forces to accelerate your success and save you time and money. 24NINE’s mission is Seizing opportunity and solving problems through purposeful engagement.