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Who is Secuvant™?

Secuvant™ is an independent consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity and risk management services. Secuvant assists companies in assessing, transforming, and operating their security and risk programs. Core service offerings include Executive & Board Risk Workshops, Security Gap & Risk Analysis, Risk Program Creation and Operation, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), PenTesting, vCISO Services, Technical Services, Data Privacy Services, among others. 

How does Secuvant’s focus on the transportation and transit vertical differentiate it from other cybersecurity providers?
  • Secuvant™ differentiates itself through industry vertical alignment and focus. The Transportation and Transit industry is one of Secuvant’s primary verticals where our vision is to become “the go-to cybersecurity firm for Transportation and Transit companies”.  
  • Secuvant™ has brought on senior board advisors with decades of experience in transportation and transit to assist us in creating cybersecurity services offerings that solve challenges of transportation and transit companies.
  • Secuvant™ leverages its unique Secuvant Cyber7™ methodology to help transportation/transit companies prioritize seven areas of risk all businesses face – to which all cybersecurity findings, gaps, and controls can be applied. 
Why join our Affiliate Program?
  • Secuvant™ believes the partnership with individuals who understand the industries we serve is the best way to ensure alignment and value to transportation/transit organizations. 
  • The Affiliate Program offers incentives to individuals who introduce Secuvant™ into organizations where a future transaction ensues.

    NOTE: An affiliate may not receive incentives for introductions into the company in which they are presently employed.   

What constitutes an introduction?

An introduction is simply a formal introduction to the decision-maker/stakeholder within a company. This person should have responsibility or influence on managing business risk or cybersecurity risk within the organization.  Once the formal introduction is made, the affiliate has met the required incentive should a transaction ensue.  

What further Affiliate involvement is required after an introduction?

Once an introduction is made, the Affiliate can choose his/her level of participation. Ongoing participation initially is an opportunity for an Affiliate to further learn the value proposition of the Secuvant service. 

What are the incentives and how are they paid?

Secuvant™ pays the full incentive up-front which is equal to the initial 12-month revenue of a closed transaction. For example: 

  • An introduction resulting in a 12-month managed security engagement equal to $200,000 in revenue will produce an incentive of $5,000 paid in full immediately upon the close of a deal. 
  • An introduction resulting in a one-time security project equal to $100,000 in revenue will produce an incentive payment of $2,500 paid in full immediately upon the close of a deal. 
How do I engage?

Included in the information resource page is an Affiliate Referral Agreement; an executed Agreement is all that’s needed to qualify. Furthermore, you can contact Dawn Bailey at dawn.bailey@secuvant.com with additional questions on the Affiliate Program.