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Security Penetration Testing

Assess your security posture and infrastructure and its ability to protect your data from bad actors.

Penetration Testing will tell you how protected your data really is

Our Penetration Test Services include testing of external and internal (behind the firewall) infrastructure, web applications including mobile (Android and iOS), WiFi networks / SSIDs, and phishing and call campaigns, including phone phishing.

Frameworks and Compliance

We understand NIST, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, HITRUST, FedRAMP, CIS 20 and more. This makes a difference in the scoping and delivery of a penetration test.


Secuvant™ provides comprehensive, professional test documentation with an executive summary and ample recommendations. The service is of the highest quality and always includes documentation remediation upon retest, as well as no-charge consultation with clients regarding the scope and results of their test. You won’t want to deal with other companies after experiencing a pen test with Secuvant™.

Your Security Partners

Secuvant™ provides unique benefits as your cybersecurity partner or provider. We believe our long-term value to each customer is driven by our ability to align our services to their unique needs. We constantly assess and align our offerings with the very finest providers and partners in the world, enabling us to provide enterprise-grade cybersecurity services to all businesses.

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Cyber Program Creation

Once you have your assessment, you need to take action. Secuvant’s Risk Program Management platform provides leadership, guidance, tracking, and prioritization of identified gaps and risks that you can execute on with our help. All of this is managed with the Secuvant™ cyberRPM web application to help with overall compliance and governance to reduce costs and risks.

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Executive Cyber Workshop

Secuvant’s first step to creating a cyber security plan is understanding your company, goals, and operations. Every business has different security needs and different types of data to protect. Secuvant™ will meet with your executive team to align our goals before starting any assessments or strategies.

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Managed Detection Response (MDR)

Secuvant’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) program is designed to protect clients from attacks 24/7. We act as an extension to your team to discover, prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Our services are delivered in a wide range of options to provide a customized, high-touch program to address your unique business needs and issues.

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Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

Cyber risk is business risk™ is not just a sales pitch, it’s our core methodology. The gap and risk assessment is the first critical step in this process. It looks at both the technology you have in place and your internal processes. Your company is first aligned with seven critical business risks, then all gaps and findings are mapped to those risks based on quantitative data we gather from you. The result is a security strategy you can execute on with real, tactical steps and recommendations.

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Incident Breach Response

The cost of stolen data, compromised systems, and reputational damage are escalating. A cybersecurity incident response plan is your first line of defense. Secuvant™ professionals can help create a plan for your business that aligns with your goals and needs, and if a breach occurs Secuvant™ can provide a complete response team, technology, and containment to protect your business and get you back up and operational.

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