Our Partners

The whole really is greater than the sum of the parts. We invite you to check out the outstanding Secuvant partnerships

The only way to stay ahead in cyber security is to stay flexible. Secuvant™ built their business strategy around the principle of integrating enterprise-grade tools and programs into their blended services. As a result, the programs built for each company based on their risk assessment, are based on the most current and progressive services available. Other than always being able to offer the newest and the best directly through Secuvant, you also don’t have to bother managing five or six different companies and technologies who have not integrated their solutions before implementing them inside your organization.

Strategic Partners

These partners are the ones we seek out to engage with for reasons beyond them being the industry’s finest in their segment. These partners are companies that enable Secuvant to truly expand and extend their offerings and market presence in ways that propel us to the top of the competitive landscape. Their capabilities, combined with ours, make us more than we are alone. Some may see them as simply channel partners, but they are far more than that.

Business Partners

Allied to what Secuvant delivers to our customers directly are a number of business partners that are available to our plan development teams, service delivery teams, and our customers. These partners provide everything from legal advice, to insurance coverage, to crisis communications support in the event of a significant breach that may significantly damage your brand or customer perspective.

Solution Partners

The entire methodology and process platform that is Secuvant is a blend of our own infrastructure, combined with technology foundation providers. They do not interface directly with our customers, but our SOC and technology teams work closely with these organizations to create and manage the Secuvant technology core.​ Secuvant is an independent firm and does not resell solutions, but we do use and deliver the best to our clients with these partners.

Integration Partners

Staying ahead of the criminal element of the cyber intrusion world is a tough challenge. Some companies choose to create proprietary only platforms that they sell to their customers. Unfortunately, these proprietary solutions become obsolete almost immediately. Secuvant resolves this issue through best-in-class Integration partners. With these providers, our customers may acquire the tools we recommend in our plans, and we have built integrations into our service. This method also keeps cost down to our customers.

Become a Secuvant Partner

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