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Secuvant™ Partners

Secuvant™ takes partnerships very seriously and carefully evaluates each one – it’s our duty and mission to create perfect partnerships to benefit our valued clients.

Our Strategic Partners
These partners enable Secuvant™ to broadly expand and extend our Enterprise Grade offerings to all in a highly competitive landscape. Their capabilities, combined with ours, make us all more than we are alone.

Business Partners
Allied to Secuvant’s deliverables are a number of business partners – providing everything from legal advice, to insurance coverage, and crisis communications support in the event a significant breach occurs. These partners are available to our plan development teams, service delivery teams, as well as our customers. These partnerships provide many benefits to you, our client.

Solution Partners
The entire methodology and process platform that is Secuvant™ – is a blend of our own infrastructure, combined with technology foundation providers. These providers do not interface directly with our clients, they interface with our SOC and technology teams who work closely with these organizations to create and manage the Secuvant™ technology core. Secuvant™ is an independent firm and does not resell solutions, we use and deliver the best solutions to our clients working closely with these partners.

Integration Partners
Staying ahead of the criminal intrusion element in the cyber world is a tough challenge. Some cyber security companies choose to create proprietary only platforms which they then sell to their customers.

Unfortunately, these proprietary solutions become obsolete almost immediately. Secuvant™ resolves this dangerous issue through our best-in-class Integration Partners. With these providers, our customers may acquire and integrate the tools we recommend in our plans. These integrations are built into our services. Using this approach helps keep costs to our clients down.

MSP Partnerships

Secuvant™ can offer your customers a broad range of security solutions and managed security services.

Our cyber security approach is built upon people, processes, and technologies. As the cyber security industry changes more rapidly than ever, organizations are needing a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that can offer them system monitoring and management to detect and protect them from potential cyber threats.

By partnering with Secuvant™, your customers can enjoy 24/7/365 protection without the expensive investment and the extended time it takes to set up their own Security Operations Center (SOC).

If you’re interested in adding our cyber security services to your services, Secuvant™ is a turnkey SOC-as-a-Service provider you can count on and add to your MSP services portfolio.

Competitive Advantages
You’ll be capable of providing Enterprise Grade Services to all-sized businesses to protect their mission-critical applications and services as well as show tangible value to your clients with 24/7/365 cyber security monitoring and reporting services.

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alt='cybersecurity services'

Partner with Secuvant™

Secuvant™ is a leader in the cyber security and risk management industry, providing comprehensive, enterprise grade, managed security services to organizations of all sizes.

We’re always interested in talking with organizations who feel their solutions, technologies, or services will extend or enhance the programs we provide our clients.

If you feel your organization has what it takes to meet our exceptional standards, let’s talk.

Secuvant™ – “Providing a Clear Path Forward”

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About Us

Secuvant™ was launched in 2014 with a mission to provide enterprise-grade Cyber Security services to all sized companies using the Secuvant™ Cyber7™ methodology. Secuvant™ has grown rapidly and is recognized by the industry and our peers as one of the Top 100 MSSPs and fastest-growing companies.

“A Clear Path Forward”

We at Secuvant™ believe in working together to provide A Clear Path Forward for our clients, our company, and our employees. This means we work with a focus on reducing obstacles and threats to the well earned success of an individual, a company, or an organization.