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For years cybersecurity initiatives have struggled to gain traction within the agriculture and construction equipment (AG & CE) industries when compared to other industries, such as the healthcare or financial industries. This predicament has quickly put the sector at risk. As AG & CE organizations are relying more heavily on technology to compete, cybercriminals are taking notice. As a result, protecting your technology and data is more crucial now than it’s ever been.

“Security awareness within the AG & CE Industries is very low. Historically, this was an area where employees, contractors, and vendors did not have to think about cybersecurity, but today they do. There’s often excellent physical security, but very limited cybersecurity.”

Donald Ainslie, Secuvant’s current EVP of Risk Advisory Services

While large AG & CE corporations have been susceptible to cyberattacks, the increased digitalization within small and mid-size operations has made them a target for cybercriminals as well. A common trend has been developing and implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which lets devices and software operate and communicate, often via the internet, and run without human interactions. This has allowed AG & CE companies to manage their information systems efficiently, manage their supply chains, increase yields, and meet demands with less labor.

The benefits of IoT devices come with their own set of challenges. These devices often have open access to the internet, which increases the risk of leaking sensitive information, giving attackers access to the network, or becoming sabotaged. In the event of a breach, your organization can sustain the loss of essential equipment, confidential data and incur costs associated with hindered operations and/or paying ransoms to restore systems. Being proactive in securing these systems through security monitoring, detection, and incidence response preparedness is the only way to protect integrity, data and maintain smooth operations.

Just as proactivity is essential in reducing the risk of a breach, reacting quickly in the event of a breach is vital in mitigating damages and getting your business back up and running. To respond quickly, organizations must have a plan in place. Implementing crisis management, incident response, and disaster recovery planning will increase your organization’s likelihood of responding effectively to a breach, which will aid in the swift restoration of your systems, and maintaining your organization’s functionality.

“Cybersecurity risks are complex and ever-changing, and more so within the Industrial Sector. The impact of a cyber breach on these environments is very severe for a company, industrial environments are where companies make their money. A fundamental and cost-effective OT Security Program is therefore foundational for addressing the risk that IoT disparate systems introduce.”

Donald Ainslie, Secuvant’s current EVP of Risk Advisory Services

Secuvant’s commitment to partner with the AG & CE industries in addressing its many cybersecurity challenges has positioned us to develop cost-effective risk program management, monitoring, detection, crisis management, incidence response, and recovery planning to achieve stability and protection. Large or small, we understand the importance of cost-effective and tailored cybersecurity offerings for AG & CE entities. Secuvant’s personalized offering is based on your business needs and aligned with budgetary constraints. Whatever your cybersecurity needs, Secuvant is here to help. Click here to learn more about Secuvants offerings and talk to an expert today.

About Secuvant:

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Secuvant is a global leader in integrated cyber threat analytics and risk advisory services, built on a value system of client focus, integrity, accountability, execution, and teamwork. Secuvant’s mission is to provide clients with a Clear Path Forward in their pursuit of establishing an acceptable security risk posture. Secuvant’s success is built upon strict adherence to its values, a functioning world-class advisory board, the unique combination of cybersecurity expertise and industry / vertical specialization, and a team of experts that repeatedly deliver best-in-class managed and advisory cybersecurity and risk services. Secuvant understands Cyber Risk is Business Risk™ and uses methodologies and metrics aimed at minimizing business risk. Services include, but are not limited to, Security Gap and Risk Assessments, Risk Program Management, Executive and Board Cyber Advisory, Penetration Testing, Security Monitoring, Managed Detection and Response and Incident Response services. To learn more, visit www.secuvant.com.