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In recent years, technological innovation has improved productivity, efficiency and communications in all industries.

The collection, analysis and storage of data allow each organization to refine their processes, increase efficiencies and comply with industry regulations as they evolve.

Cyber Security Professionals

Secuvant’s Team recognizes the fact that most organizations are unaware and ill-prepared to utilize the best tools to protect their important data from the innumerable and extremely dangerous cyber risks targeting them.

Industries world-wide must bolster their defenses and improve enterprise resiliency.

We know the risks facing almost every industry, and we provide the leadership, advice, staffing support, tools and technical skills you can trust.

You’re not alone if you and your organization aren’t absolutely sure what needs to be done to protect you from your unique cyber risks.

We know, “Cyber Risk is Business Risk™”. This one message separates us from other cyber security companies. Our approach looks at your organization in a holistic manner to find the best comprehensive cyber security solutions available.

Step 1: Know Where Your Data Is

It may seem obvious, but the first step in protecting data is knowing where it is. Data is created in many forms: emails, documents to process logs, sensor information, and more. As manufacturers and dealers become more reliant on digitized data, they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Additionally, the increase in remote based users escalates the threat of cyber attack.

The size of your operation is irrelevant where security is concerned. Hackers often infiltrate smaller operations to reach their larger objective. The well know attack on retail giant Target, is such an example. Hackers broke in via an HVAC client company, using a phishing email to install malware.

For many, a desktop hard drive is a common data collection site which oftentimes is also serving as a data “storage unit”. And, in today’s world there are many other data collection sites and data “storage units”: Networks, servers, portable devices (such as smart phones, laptops and tablets), and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are all collecting data and also acting as storage units. Of these, IoT devices and sensors are perhaps the most dangerous and need protection as compromising one of these can allow access to the entire network and the data stored on it. For manufacturers and dealers it is crucial to understands the path data travels.

What about data on the cloud? The question must be asked, “how is your cloud service provider managing and protecting your data?” Are there allowances made for third parties to access your data for analysis and visualization?

We cannot overstate how important it is to know where your data is, how it’s being stored, and how it’s being protected.

Secuvant’s Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring your operations 24/7/365

Your Security Partners

Secuvant provides unique benefits as your Cybersecurity partner or provider. There are four key areas where Secuvant is different:

  1. The Cyber7™ Methodology
  2. Vendor Independence
  3. Managing Cyber Risk as Business Risk
  4. Complete Risk Program Management

We believe our long-term value to each customer is driven by our ability to align our services to their unique needs. We constantly assess and align our offerings with the very finest providers and partners in the world, enabling us to provide enterprise-grade Cybersecurity services to all sizes of agricultural and construction businesses.

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Secuvant™ – “Providing a Clear Path Forward”

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About Us

Secuvant™ was launched in 2014 with a mission to provide enterprise-grade Cyber Security services to all sized companies using the Secuvant™ Cyber7™ methodology. Secuvant™ has grown rapidly and is recognized by the industry and our peers as one of the Top 100 MSSPs and fastest-growing companies.

“A Clear Path Forward”

We at Secuvant™ believe in working together to provide A Clear Path Forward for our clients, our company, and our employees. This means we work with a focus on reducing obstacles and threats to the well earned success of an individual, a company, or an organization.