How SOAR for Cyber Security is Enhancing the Intelligence and Efficiency of SOC Teams

Sep 26, 2019

How SOAR for Cyber Security is Enhancing the Intelligence and Efficiency of SOC Teams Image

Creating cyber security resilience in your organization involves many different activities that help identify and detect areas of weakness or potential threats, protecting you from hackers, but can involve a lot of manpower if not implemented correctly. Automation has been used in organizations of all sizes and in different departments to accomplish tasks in a more efficient and productive way for years. Now, security automation practices are being implemented across SOC (security operations center) teams in different industries to assist in the identification and response to cyber threats. 


SOAR, defined and coined by Gartner as Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response in 2017, has become a growing trend in the security world bringing together different platforms such as security automation, incident response, case management, and threat intelligence. The combination of human and machine power helps define, prioritize, and drive standardized incident response activities across SOC teams, bolstering cybersecurity defenses.


In the opening keynote speech at this year’s Black Hat USA conference made by Dino Dai Zovi, a security veteran, he emphasized the importance of security being a collaborative effort by all software teams, relying on communication, automation, and feedback to play an important role in cyber security resilience. Let’s review how SOAR for cyber security is playing a difference in SOC teams to enhance intelligence and efficiency when it comes to risk management, managed detection and response, and incident response planning. 


Security Orchestration and Automation

Security orchestration and automation work hand in hand, orchestrating automated and semi-automated tasks in a complex process or scenario. This involves the coordination and management of multiple security tools and platforms as well, streamlining and optimizing workflows, and reducing redundancies in security tasks. These elements of SOAR allow SOC providers to work efficiently by relying on automation to take care of tasks that can be standardized, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. The evolution of SOAR platforms has allowed for greater capabilities that include more integrations across security tools and a higher level of sophistication in automated playbooks, allowing SOC teams to identify threats faster. 

As stated in this SecurityWeek article, “Today’s incidents are so complex that response teams cannot afford to manually coordinate across workflow and reporting silos, especially in organizations that have strict compliance obligations. The increased depth in features allows SOAR to be a tool for long-term systematic improvements, rather than merely short-term alert triage.”

Computers used by SOC-as-a-Service providers.

As SOC-As-A-Service providers, our team at Secuvant utilizes exclusive technologies that SOAR for cyber security depends on to define response procedures and incident analysis in a digital workflow format. This technology includes: 

Collectors and Sensors

These are used to analyze logs that need to be captured. In the same way, these can also capture a data stream with a SPAN port or sensor.

Intrusion and Threat Detection

Our exclusive technology inspects and detects your organization’s infrastructure for cyber security threats.

Network Threat Analysis

With our real-time threat detection and Machine Learning full packet capture, our SOC team can address events and risks as they occur.


SIEM (Security Information and Event Manager) stores logs and events that are used to search for cyber threats. AI and alerts are utilized to provide automated protection. 

SOC Orchestration

Just like the “O” in SOAR, SOC orchestration provides a centralized event and alert management. 

Technology Investment Protection

Since Secuvant is independent of a vendor, we are able to work with other security tools that you may have purchased to gain as much visibility as possible. Our team doesn’t replace your existing technology. We simply work with it effectively and efficiently.

Threat Intelligence and Response

One of the greatest benefits of SOAR in organizations is the enhanced expertise, guided investigation workflows, and automated alert prioritization that’s included in the security tools, offering a higher level of threat intelligence in SOC teams. As technology quickly evolves and hackers continue to release sophisticated threats, SOAR along with machine learning and artificial intelligence will create a strong cyber security framework in organizations and will help mitigate evolving threats. In addition to the advancements SOAR will provide, Secuvant’s team provides a personal touch to ensure that every potential threat or data breach is caught before it becomes a problem. Working together with SOAR for cyber security, your information will be safer than ever.

A SOC team implementing SOAR for cyber security.

Secuvant is a SOC Provider That Helps Organizations Implement the Right Tools

As with any new tool or software integrated into your environment, there are a number of risks involved. Although SOAR can play an integral role in enhancing your IT team and cybersecurity, its important to implement a comprehensive risk management strategy, and training around cyber situational awareness, analysis, and incident response to ensure the tools are being used in the right way. Secuvant’s managed detection and response services utilize elements of SOAR to assess your current environment and assets, automate analysis and correlate data, and prioritize discovered events in order to make insightful and valuable recommendations. Moreover, we use tools such as SIEM, Intrusion Detection, Network Threat Detection, ticketing, alerting, and workflow management to provide an all-inclusive security service for your organization. Since SOAR for cyber security is still relatively new, exciting advancements are definitely on the way. SOAR is being seen as a bright spot on the horizon for security teams since its growing ability is going to be a force multiplier in SOC. So, while there may be some risks, there are also impending benefits that will be the modern answer to cyber security.

If your organization is interested in utilizing SOAR for cyber security, contact our team of experts today. We’re happy to help you learn more about our Managed Detection and Response or Incident Response services. Get in touch by reaching out to us at or 855-732-8826