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Cybersecurity for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Better healing, care, health, and research

Healthcare is in a constant state of change and cyber threats are rapidly escalating.

Today, HIPAA-covered entities (CEs) and its business associates (BAs) must be protected and operate above and beyond the compliance requirements.

Advanced security technologies and sophisticated risk management practices must be implemented to provide the level of privacy and security needed today.

A healthy cybersecurity program means health data is protected and secure – whether it’s on uniforms, tablets, forms, medical devices, analytics, exchange, billing – anywhere data is.

Secuvant™ can ensure your healthcare organization operates in a protected and secure environment, utilizing the latest technologies to protect patient data and safety, all while complying with all necessary regulations.

Secuvant™ will work with your healthcare security teams to develop the correct, scalable, and flexible cybersecurity program to improve security posture while looking beyond compliance. We will also enable the secure migration of core business functions to the cloud.

Your Security Partners

Secuvant™ provides unique benefits as your cybersecurity partner or provider. We believe our long-term value to each customer is driven by our ability to align our services to their unique needs. We constantly assess and align our offerings with the very finest providers and partners in the world, enabling us to provide enterprise-grade cybersecurity services to all businesses.