Former Deloitte Security Executive and Senior Partner Don Ainslie Joins Secuvant as EVP of Risk Management & Professional Services

Dec 20, 2019

Former Deloitte Security Executive and Senior Partner Don Ainslie Joins Secuvant as EVP of Risk Management & Professional Services Image

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 19, 2019) – Don Ainslie, a senior security leader with over 35 years of experience, has joined Secuvant as the EVP of Risk Management and Professional Services. In his role, Don will focus on developing and implementing strategies to assist Secuvant’s clients to mitigate cybersecurity and information/data security risks in culturally diverse, politically sensitive, and strategically challenging environments. Additionally, he will play an important role in acquiring and developing talent in data-centric technologies including advanced threat intelligence and risk analytics.


“We felt it was crucial to find the ideal candidate capable of enhancing the cybersecurity and risk management offerings we provide our clientele, as well as internally grow the skill-set of our team. With Don’s expertise in enterprise risk management, risk intelligence, cybersecurity, and privacy, to name a few, it was a strategic win to have Don join Secuvant. He will be a great asset to the company as we strive to grow the business nationally”, states CEO Ryan Layton.


Prior to his current role, Don was a distinguished Global Security and Cyber Risk Executive, with over 16 years as a Senior Partner at Deloitte. He is recognized for establishing and leading Deloitte’s first global security and information risk management office; building profitable security-specific consulting practices, addressing cyber business risk for board-level decisions, and developing data-centric technologies for multinational companies and government agencies.


As an independent cybersecurity risk management and managed detection and response company, Secuvant is offering unique solutions to assist and guide SMB, mid-market and enterprise-level organizations in navigating the cyber risk threat landscape”, states Don. “The company culture and mission behind viewing Cyber Risk as a Business Risk™, communicates the importance of protecting business assets and placing the business goals first. I’m excited to bring my security and risk management expertise to Secuvant to help drive the consulting practice, while helping businesses implement a cybersecurity strategy that addresses the threat landscape”.

About Secvuant

Secuvant is a Utah based company, providing business-driven cybersecurity solutions to the SMB, middle market, and emerging enterprise markets. Services include gap and risk assessments, risk management programs, and a complete Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, delivered from its security operations center. Secuvant differentiates its approach in the market by providing solutions based off the Secuvant Cyber7™ methodology, their vendor independence, managing cyber risk as business risk, and their complete risk management program. Secuvant’s long-term value to each customer is driven by their ability to align their services to their clients and partners needs. Learn more about Secuvant by visiting their website at: