Already in, or Going to the Cloud? Take These Measures to Ensure the Security of Your Cloud Platform.

Nov 25, 2020

Already in, or Going to the Cloud? Take These Measures to Ensure the Security of Your Cloud Platform. Image

Whether your company is currently in the cloud or in the process of moving, protecting cloud infrastructures against cyberattacks needs to be an urgent priority for organizations going forward. According to McAfee Labs Covid-19 Threats Report, cloud services-based cyber attacks have grown a staggering 630% from January to April alone. This is coupled with the immense future growth of cloud usage, evident by 92% of security leaders stating their organization has a gap between current and planned cloud usage and their program’s maturity. With these systems under intense scrutiny from cyber threats, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to protect them as soon as possible.

So how should companies go about shoring up their cloud platforms? According to Louis Columbus, senior enterprise tech contributor at Forbes, these are five practical ways companies can ensure the security of their cloud platforms:

  1. Prioritize Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) using cloud-native controls to maintain least privilege access to sensitive data starting at the PaaS level.
  2. Start using customer-controlled keys to encrypt all data, migrating off legacy operating systems and controls that rely on trusted and untrusted domains across all IaaS instances.
  3. Before implementing any cloud infrastructure project, design in Zero Trust Security (ZTS) and micro-segmentation first and have IaaS, and PaaS structure follow.
  4. Before implementing any PaaS or IaaS infrastructure, define the best possible approach to identifying, isolating, and correcting configuration mistakes or errors in infrastructure.
  5. Standardize on a unified log monitoring system that ideally has AI and machine learning built to identify cloud infrastructure configuration and performance anomalies in real-time.

As the workload being conducted on cloud platforms increases, we can expect the number of attacks to continue growing. IT and cybersecurity teams are already beginning to become overwhelmed by the problem, which is why it’s essential to set up processes that are scalable sooner rather than later. These five measures can do exactly that; secure systems and mitigate risk on your cloud platforms for the long term.

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