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Cybersecurity Solutions

We believe your business should drive the type of cybersecurity precautions you take.

Cyber Risk is Business Risk™.

Is your business secure?

Every single day businesses large and small fall under attack from hackers. It is imperative in today’s cyber-focused world that every organization utilizes the available tools to protect your business, employees and customers with advanced cybersecurity measures – and Secuvant is the solution.

Our Services

Security Monitoring

Even the best laid security plans will eventually become compromised if effective logging and monitoring of your environment are not in place.

Gap & Risk Assessment

A gap risk assessment ensures you and Secuvant know exactly where attention should be concentrated and why.

Incident Response

Secuvant will help you navigate through a cyber event with expert guidance, e-discovery, data forensics and IR Policy.

Plan Creation & Review

Our team of business and security professionals develop a plan aligned with the specific operational and brand assets that matter most to your success.

Plan Implementation

Secuvant works in tandem with client team members to successfully implement your security program. 

SOC as a Service

Fully remove the need for your own on-premise Security Operations Center (SOC) with Secuvant’s enterprise-grade SOC as a service.

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Our Satisfied Customers

Secuvant was the perfect fit for our company. They had the tools and expertise to thoroughly assess our current situation and involved upper management in a way that made the process relevant to our business priorities. And they did it all quickly and at a reasonable price. 

Darin R.

VP Security, Textile Industry

“I would have saved a ton of time evaluating service providers if I had simply chosen Secuvant to begin with. They provide much more than just security monitoring. They are our security team.”


Shawn A.

CIO, International Sales Company

“We chose Secuvant over several top-rated security companies, due to their attention to our specific needs. They determined what was best for our company after an illuminating gap assessment. Their gap analysis report and recommendations allowed us to prioritize the actions more critical to our company. We can also now see a path for years to come.”

Trevor L.

IT Director, Engineering Firm

“Using Secuvant has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The people are extremely knowledgeable and are great to work with. We are confident they can provide the services and direction we need now and in the future – given our constantly changing security landscape. Secuvant is an extension of our company.”

Dan L.

CTO, Marketing and Design Firm

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